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Towards collapse – Play and Educational Plan

In the evocative play titled “Towards Collapse or the Journey with Unicorns,” the stage becomes a canvas for exploring the intricacies of collapse and the disquieting disarray of a world teetering on the edge of imbalance. The characters, each grappling with their existential dilemmas, serve as poignant reflections of the broader societal unraveling. Against a backdrop of crumbling structures and fading landscapes, the protagonists question their place in a reality slipping through their fingers. As the narrative unfolds, the play weaves an intricate tapestry of human vulnerability and resilience in the face of an unraveling society. Through nuanced performances and emotionally charged dialogues, ” Towards Collapse or the Journey with Unicorns ” invites the audience to reflect on the fragility of our interconnected existence and prompts profound contemplation on the search for meaning amidst the chaos of collapse.

Available in French only, though we are working on a translation currently.  

01_Vers l’effondrement ou le voyage des licornes
01_Plan pédagogique