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Low Tech Workshop (for multipliers)

In response to the challenges posed by overshoot and collapse in the education sector, a pragmatic and low-tech training approach for multipliers has emerged as a crucial strategy. This training, emphasizing simplicity and accessibility, equips educators with the skills to amplify positive change within their communities. Multipliers, in this context, refer to individuals who possess the ability to influence and inspire others to adopt sustainable practices and innovative solutions. By focusing on fundamental teaching methods, collaborative learning, and the integration of locally available resources, this low-tech training cultivates a resilient educational ecosystem. It recognizes the importance of decentralized efforts and encourages educators to become catalysts for change at the grassroots level. In the face of potential collapse, this approach underscores the resilience inherent in human connections and the power of disseminating knowledge through practical, resource-conscious means. As an antidote to technological complexity, this low-tech training for multipliers renews the emphasis on human-centric education, fostering a sustainable foundation for learning in the midst of global challenges.