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Äerdschëff Expo

The exhibition dedicated to the Äerdschëff project offers a fascinating look at the intersection between innovative architecture and environmental sustainability. Highlighting the exceptional character of the structure, the exhibition focuses particularly on the architectural choices and ingenious use of natural and recycled materials during the construction of the Äerdschëff. Visitors will be immersed in a visual and informative journey, exploring innovative techniques that harmoniously integrate organic elements and reclaimed materials into architectural design. Detailed models, material samples and inspiring visuals will reveal the technical aspects of this sustainable project, highlighting the positive impact that wise construction choices can have on the environment. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the alliance between contemporary aesthetics and ecological responsibility, while inspiring a deeper commitment to planet-friendly building practices.

If you would like to borrow the exhibition for your school/organisation, or organise a workshop focusing on Äerdschëff’s documentation work, please contact us!